“Great classes this morning & a big thanks for making my friend feel very welcome.” ~Janelle, Fitness Student

“I have seasonal allergies. I’m allergic to pollen and dust but I have NEVER had a problem at Family Martial Arts & Fitness. I love how the studio is kept meticulously clean & how it always smells fresh” ~Alisha, Fitness Student

“My son Alex has been attending Family Martial Arts and Fitness for 2 1/2 years. The training has taught him not only about self-defense but more importantly given him a greater sense of self-confidence. Recently Alex has joined a swim team and I am amazed at how much Hapkido has enhanced his transition into competitive swimming. Hapkido has helped Alex become more physically fit and confident in his abilities. It has increased his energy level, improved his reflexes, and taught him to perform actions instinctively. The pairing of the art of Hapkido with any sport compliments each other effectively.” ~Kristine Cheruk, Mother of Hapkido Student

“Thanking Family Martial Arts & Fitness big time today (in addition to always) because through their instruction, encouragement and support I reached one of my major goals in flexibility! I cannot wait to see what I continue to achieve in the months ahead. Thanks again to everyone, including the friends I've made there!” ~Andrea, Fitness Student

“My son Michael is seven years old and has been at Family Martial Arts for almost two years now. He loves learning Hapkido. I am amazed at what these children are learning to do with their bodies. The older and more advanced students work so well with the younger ones. The personal values that are encouraged at the dojo are wonderful. The Baylors are wonderful with the children, tweens, teens and adults.” ~Michelle, Mother of Hapkido Student

“Family Martial Arts and Fitness provides a warm, homey environment for everyone to feel comfortable in. The staff is always friendly and accommodating. Masters Gary and Jonathan are very patient with the children and always find various ways to hold their attention. Not only are the children taught martial arts, but self-discipline and self-respect as well. This is the first activity our daughter has participated in that she seems to truly enjoy and look forward to going to every week.” ~Mike & Kelly, Parents of Hapkido Student

“I wanted to thank you. I am already noticing an improvement in my son John's abilities. Master Jonathan is a great Teacher!!!” ~Jack, Father of Hapkido Student

“I wanted to thank you so much for your willingness to meet with us & help guide Andre in a positive way. Bob and I both appreciate your dedication. It is also great how you are reminding them in class about behavior outside your school. I cannot thank you both enough for being such a good example for Andre and our family. Stay safe!” ~Pam, Mother of Hapkido Student

“Thank you so much for teaching Albert your martial arts and fitness. It was a wonderful memory while Albert was learning the strikes and kicks from your guys. Most importantly, I think you taught Albert to be a good person. I have not found that he used his strikes or kicks on any school kids. We are very grateful to your teachings. We have moved to New Jersey and he is now practicing the strikes and kicks every day in a swimming pool. He becomes a good swimmer. Since he has a busy schedule, we have not been looking for a martial arts program yet. Once we do, we want to find great guys like you. I hope that there will be more kids in your great programs in the future!” ~Mike and Karen, Parents of Hapkido Student

“What a fantastic group of dedicated students and instructors at this most wonderful school. WOW! I have been in Hapkido for 35 years and having the pleasure of teaching a seminar for you was one of the most pleasurable experiences. To see people of such high caliber and hunger for the art of Hapkido. Master Gary Baylor and Master Jonathan Baylor were the most gracious hosts and great instructors. To the students: I am speechless...thank you. If there were more people like these in the martial arts, it would truly be what martial arts should be. I love this school. If you live in the local area and are not attending this school, you are missing out on the opportunity of a life time. Get on it and just get it done. Join Family Martial Arts and Fitness. You will not be disappointed.” ~Master Gottfried Roser, IHF President

“Hapkido changed my life into one of Courage, Integrity, Inner Power, and Physical Mastery.” ~Jonathan, Hapkido Master