At Family Martial Arts and Fitness, a student’s progress is measured by the awarding of Bar and Belt promotions. A Bar is added to a student’s belt when the student has moved a step closer to their next Belt. A promotion to a new color of Belt signifies a completion of an entire set of curriculum and therefore recognition of a student’s increase in skill levels and a step closer toward the goal of Black Belt. We have both skill and class hour requirements that need to be fulfilled for each Belt rank.

Once a student has attended 16 classes and acquired each of the Skill Bars, he or she will be evaluated and promoted to the next Belt Level.

There are five areas in which students must perform competently in order to be ready for Belt Promotion:

1. Knowledge of Curriculum – Students must know the entire curriculum necessary to progress to the next level. This curriculum is available at the office on a curriculum sheet for the student’s particular Belt level.

2. Spirit and Energy – Students are expected to perform their moves with high energy. “Kiai” and intensity of movement can demonstrate this.

3. Attitude and Protocol – Students should demonstrate a positive and respectful attitude and follow the protocol of the school. Junior students are also required to get a school teacher’s and parent’s signature on their intent to promote letter showing that their behavior at home and at school is acceptable. Please note that there are specific grade point averages that must be maintained in order to promote to the next level. For more information regarding this policy, please ask at the front desk.

4. Fitness – Students are expected to improve their fitness as they progress. This can be demonstrated by doing good push-ups, etc.

5. Basics and Application – Good basics are the foundation of a good martial artist, therefore we expect students to perform basics competently at all Belt levels. Students should also be able to demonstrate an understanding of the application of the movements they are learning.

As a flower requires water to grow, so does a person need practice to grow. Every student can reach Black Belt if he or she is prepared to work hard. Consistent practice develops self-discipline and determination, confidence in your abilities and strength of mind.

Practice in Class. Classroom practice is sometimes conducted in pairs, taking the role of a defender and an offender. The partner is not a competitor or opponent. The aim is not to find out which of the two wins, but together to improve techniques through cooperation. Don’t get discouraged! Training in class is to perfect what is not yet perfect so give it time.

Practice at Home. Practice outside of class often makes your practice in class more effective. Targets and other training gear are available in the Dojo Store to support your practice at home. Mental Practice. Practice your moves by visualizing your techniques in your mind. This mental practice is what professional athletes have proven to be a crucial part of success.