1. Before class, please find your attendance card and give it to your Instructor when asked.
  2. Bowing is the customary greeting in Asian culture, the way a handshake is to us. It is also a sign of respect. Please bow upon entering and leaving the training matt of the Dojo and when instructed to do so at the beginning and end of class.
  3. During class, please address your Instructor as “Sir” or “Ma’am”.
  4. Please be on time. If you are late, please remain by the mat until admitted by the Instructor leading the class.
  5. Safety is our first consideration. Please do not use any bags, blockers, or other equipment without the Instructor’s approval. Unsafe behavior is unacceptable.
  6. Martial artists from this Dojo do not fight. Self-defense is only used outside of the Dojo in legitimate self-defense situations.
  7. Please do not smoke, chew gum, or eat inside the Dojo. All drinks must be in closed containers with the lid on, kept off the training floor.
  8. Please introduce yourself to any new people in class.
  1. If you have brought a guest or visitor, please introduce them to the Instructor at the earliest opportunity.
  2. Please do not wear watches or jewelry during workouts, and keep your fingernails and toenails cut short for the safety of all students. The Dojo is not responsible for personal property.
  3. Please help keep the Dojo clean and orderly. Your shoes and belongings can be stored in the shelves and cubbies provided off the training floor.
  4. Please keep your gi (uniform) and body clean.
  5. If you have to wait after class for a ride, please show respect by doing so quietly.
  6. The business office telephone is to be used for emergency calls only.
  7. Please knock before entering the Instructor’s office.
  8. Always line up according to rank.
  9. Please do not wiggle, fall down, or otherwise display undisciplined body language in class.