Family Martial Arts and Fitness is a family-owned and operated school committed to improving lives through the Martial Arts. We provide children and adults with a unique combination of Martial Arts Training and Kickboxing Fitness. Whether you are embarking on your journey towards Black Belt, or enrolling in one of our fitness programs, our aim is the same; to witness a change in the quality of your life and see you reach your highest goals. The common denominator in each of these endeavors is to provide every member of “our family" with safe and effective programs that are fun!!!

We provide excellent traditional martial arts training. Students enrolled in our Hapkido program are afforded the opportunity to receive dynamic instruction in this ancient form of self-defense. But at Family Martial Arts and Fitness, there is more to our Hapkido instruction that just self-defense. Students are provided with a strict set of rules and guidelines that foster self-esteem and a respect for others. We seek to instill within each Hapkido student a way of life that assures personal safety and the desire to seek excellence. Our programs are also unique in that they are structured to promote advancement on a regular basis. The student can rest assured that as he/she moves forward with respect to each belt-ranking, the necessary foundations are firmly in place. Our program plans permit students to train in increments that lead to the Black Belt and beyond.

Kickboxing is the rage in physical fitness, as well it should be. We offer fun group training classes and a comprehensive fitness program with personalized coaching and instruction. Our fitness program will assure each participant that she/he achieves maximum fitness results in the shortest amount of time. Weight loss, increased strength and endurance, flexibility...these are just some of the benefits of our fitness program. So, if you’re new to the fitness world or if you’re a seasoned athlete, you’re bound to find a program of interest to you.

Mission Statement

Family Martial Arts and Fitness exists to improve the quality of life of its students and their families through the development of life success skills, fitness, martial arts training, positive energy, support, and to enhance the community and its citizens by being inspirational examples of personal excellence inside and outside the dojo.

Core Values

  • To enrich the lives of every student by adding life skills training and personal success development to the traditional practice of martial arts.
  • To provide the finest instruction that will develop highly confident students that are caring, knowledgeable, and strong individuals.
  • To embody the tenets of our school: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit.
  • To develop the Black Belt Attitude, the attitude of personal excellence.
  • To continually motivate people to live healthier lifestyles.
  • To ensure the long-term growth of the school and its staff by providing legendary student service.